s-Дискриминанты и s-уравнение Пелля

Исмаилова А. С., Tretyakov D. V. s-Дискриминанты и s-уравнение Пелля // Taurida Journal of Computer Science Theory and Mathematics, – 2007. – T.6. – №2. – P. 47-
logo DOI https://doi.org/10.37279/1729-3901-2007-6-2-47-60

The set of all quadratic irrationalities ($s$-discriminants) with decomposition $[q_{0},\overline{q_{1},q_{2},\ldots,q_{2},q_{1},sq_{0}}]$ $(s \ge 2$ — parameter) are described. Theory of Pell $s$-equation is constructed. The inverse problem (reconstruction of $s$-discriminant with the help from continued fraction period’s symmetric part) is solved.

Keywords: $s$-discriminants, Pell $s$-equation, partial periodic continuesfraction, quadratic irrationalities.

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