Теоретико-игровое моделирование принятия решений в экономике при неполной информации

Decision-making in the economy should take into account the uncertainty, incompleteness of information, contingency, inconsistency, conflict, competition, multicriteria, alternatives and the resulting economic risk. As a game-theoretic model of decision-making in the economy with incomplete information, a model based on the concept of combined application of statistical and antagonistic games is proposed. The distinctive features of the proposed concept are a number of features, of which the most significant and characteristic are the following aspects: the use of neoclassical antagonistic games, antagonistic games defined by partially known payment matrices, and the use of simplified methods for solving neoclassical antagonistic games, based on the classification of information situations of incompleteness of information regarding the true values of the elements of the payment matrix.
Keywords: incompleteness of information, economic risk, statistical game, antagonistic game, neoclassical antagonistic game.