Математическая модель оптимальной дозагрузки рекреационного предприятия

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В статье предложены математическая модель оптимальной дозагрузки ре- креационного предприятия для сезонов с низкой интенсивностью спроса и эвристический алгоритм типа GREEDY для решения определяемой этой моделью задачи.
Mathematical model of optimum additional charge of recreation enterprise for seasons with low intensity of demand is offered. Appropriate heuristic GREEDY algorithm for the decision of the task determined by this model is presented. Recreation enterprises are counted on maintenance of customers and possess resources, many of which can be used whole-yearly. However much the stream of customers has different intensity which depends on the temporal seasons of year. When a recreation enterprise stands from the shortage of customers, expediently addition loading of him, providing services to other customers, possibly even not on the basic type of enterprise. To that end marketing researches are conducted and new targets accounts come to light. Such actions must be executed constantly with the purpose of filling of store of basic specific resource – input stream of customers.