Алгоритм выделения и анализа ветвящихся объектов

 Algorithm of brunchness structure extraction and analysis is proposed here. This algorithm allows to gain successful results and calculates a large number of characteristics of dendrite structure on magneto-optical images. The algorithm consists of three parts: background correction, structure extraction and calculation of dendrite characteristics. For correction of magnetic image we use methods for magneto-optic contrast. One of the basic features of structure extraction part is a preservation of border properties for dendrite. Therefore the basic processing of extraction is applied for binary image. Proposed characteristic allow to describe and to classify dendrites. For analysis of dendrites structures topological properies are calculated for three basic objects types: dendrites body, holes and gulf. Arithmetical combination os such properties describes and characterizes dendrite structures. It is used as well as for single dendrites of magneto-optical and medical images.